The Best Attachments for Stand Mixers

There is a whole lot a thing a stand mixer can do other than beating the eggs, whipping creams and mixing ingredients. Nowadays, top of the line mixers come with attachments that are so helpful in the kitchen. There are also attachments that are sold separately. Here is a list of attachments that are must-haves to all kitchens.

1.    Food Grinder

These days, mixers are now able to grind meat and other food like bread and cheese. With the proper attachment, it is now easy to make burgers at the comfort of your home.

2.    Food Processor

A food processor is ideal for food preparation especially if you have limited time. It speeds up dicing, slicing and shredding fruits, vegetables and others. To have a separate food processor, it would be more expensive than just buying an attachment. More so, it will also take space on your countertop or kitchen cabinet.

3.    Grain Mill

Milling grains is easy with the help of the grain mill attachment. It can grind grains finely for your baking needs.  It works well wheat, rice, oats, and corn. It is perfect for those who love using freshly made flour in their cooking and baking session.

4.    Ice Cream Maker

This attachment is perfect for summer days and in satisfying the cravings, especially of the children. Homemade ice creams are perfect for parents who are particular to the sweets consumed by their children.

5.    Juicer

For health conscious individual, this attachment is for them. Juicing is beneficial to one’s body giving it the nutrients from vegetables and fruits that are easily absorbed and used by the body. Sometimes this attachment can also be used in making sauces and dressings perfect for salads and pasta.

6.    Pasta Maker

Speaking of pasta, it is also feasible with a stand mixer with the proper attachment on it. Homemade pasta is way better in quality than the store-bought pasta. Many people prefer buying ready to cook pasta because they are intimidated on how pasta is being made. With this attachment, pasta dough is already rolled and then cut to your desired shape, saving effort and time.

7.    Ravioli Maker

Ravioli are pasta with stuffing inside. Just like any pasta, ravioli needs time and effort to make with all the rolling and stuffing. However, with the ravioli maker attachment, it will do all the work for you cutting the time for preparation.

8.    Sausage Stuffer

The sausage stuffer attachment is used together with the food grinder. Ground meat from the meat grinder directly passes to the sausage stuffer to the sausage casing. Less time and less mess in making sausage are made with this great attachment.

9.    Slicer/Shredder

For slicing and shredding fruits, vegetables, and cheese, this is attachment is the perfect solution. Although intended only for small jobs, it also very helpful I the kitchen.

10.    Spiralizer

This attachment is used for peeling fruits and vegetables. More so, this can also make vegetable pasta by spiralizing beets, zucchinis, and other veggies.

The versatility of these products is very useful in the kitchen. There is no need to purchase other equipment, only ONE stand mixer can do the work of others.

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