What To Consider When You Are Looking To Buy a Rice Cooker

By using this guide you can help find yourself the best rice cooker suited to your needs and desires. We offer information at Arran on the different uses of rice cookers, measurements and sizing options to choose from, feature outlines from leading brands and how to utilize some advanced features.

how to buy a rice cooker

Different appliances can be purchased for your kitchen to make sure that stress from cooking can be lowered and to make some tasks much easier. A Rice Cooker is a perfect example of a tool that will make everything so much easier. Dealing with timings, cooking type and temperature it can perfect the cooking of your rice, whilst requiring less work! Whether you simply want a basic rice cooker or an advanced appliance for large families, parties or gatherings it is an almost essential tool for every kitchen.

– Different Uses Of A Rice Cooker. Leading brands have all developed unique features for their Rice Cookers and several of them can be used for different uses. Many of the rice cookers also can perform as a pressure cooker for steaming vegetables alongside your rice, or to even cook a stew. The rice cooker will handle all the measurements, cooking and timings, so you can set and forget until your ready to serve your food.

– Choosing The Right Size. Making sure you pick the right size is very important. Many of the leading brands have sizing options that vary between model number. Some rice cookers can only cook 3 cups, whereas others can cook over 10 cups of cooked rice! Beware of sizing differences around the globe, UK cup sizes are 250ml, however many of the cookers are developed in Japan who value cups at 200ml. Smaller cookers will yield a smaller amount of overall cooked rice usually between 3 and 4 cups. Larger cookers will often yield around 8 to 14 cups of rice.

РCooking and Warming. Some rice cookers will only allow cooking, but some others will allow cooking and warming. A beginner level cooker is most likely to only feature cooking, which will most likely to lead to timing issues and cold rice, with a warming feature you can set your rice cooker to keep food warm for an unlimited duration of time. This makes timing easy and will allow food to always be served at the ideal temperature.

– Advanced cooking features. Modern day rice cookers have evolved from the basic level cooking to some very advanced cooking techniques that are fully automated and create the most splendid rice. Often Rice Cookers that have these advanced options will come with extra accessories and the most high quality cooking tools built inside. They often feature multiple settings, so you can cook white, brown or even sushi rice with different temperatures, cooking settings and times. Are you a fan of sticky rice? Well the advanced cookers are made for you.

With different cycling settings it opens up the world of uses to your rice cooker, you can start cooking porridge or even some rice grains that are intended for breakfast. Often these require very slow cooking to make sure they are cooked perfectly and this is where the cycling process of the cooking is essential.

The most high level advanced cookers will feature induction cooking which is growing to become the most popular way to cook food. It accounts for different weighing errors and is extremely environmentally friendly as it utilizes less energy that other conventional cookers. The only downside is that the pricing is rather expensive, however the cost is definitely justified with the results you will see in each grain of rice, cooked to perfection!

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